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Industry : high value-added applications



Cegelec business units offer innovative solutions to match the requirements of both installations and industrial processes.

Their services range from traditional trades – HV electrical installation, utility fluids (steam, water, gas) – to others that are highly specialized : instrumentation and control systems, white room installation, computerized pipeline management systems (SCADA), control systems in hostile environments, industrial site safety & security, etc.

Sectors in industry (Food-Processing , Automotive and Cycles, Chemicals / Pharmacy / Cosmetics, Aerospace Construction, Rail, Oil & Gas and Shipping) and energy are all fields in which Cegelec business units are active.



focus Focus: When industry preserves biodiversity


Located in the rural heartland of the Allier region of France, a stone’s throw from the Tronçais forest, the Saint-Victor natural gas compression facility has been the subject of in-depth consultation with local actors.

Objective : to reduce the site’s environmental impact as far as possible. The choice of electrically driven compressors to reduce atmospheric emissions, landscaping in symbiosis with the surrounding natural environment, the planting of 3,000 trees and shrubs – all this has enabled all the biodiversity and natural harmony of this rural location to be preserved.