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The Cegelec business units services


In order to be able to offer clients solutions that are fit for purpose and conducive to greater quality and productivity, Cegelec business units have developed in-depth knowledge of the goals and issues specific to each field of activity.
This means that Cegelec’s specialist teams can assist their clients throughout the life cycle of a project, from engineering design to maintenance, and including the building of facilities and infrastructures. In every sector the entire range of their expert know-how is placed at the service of the client in order to guarantee both reliability and safety.
Their services include :
icon_arrow.jpg Definition of specifications based on an analysis of the client’s requirements ;
icon_arrow.jpg Engineering studies in line with those specifications ;
icon_arrow.jpg Detailed engineering work founded on the basic engineering studies ;
icon_arrow.jpg Equipment procurement and delivery ;
icon_arrow.jpg Installation and implementation, validation ;
icon_arrow.jpg Facilities maintenance and upgrading, etc.
Cegelec business units are active in the following fields :
red_cegelec.gif   Industry
red_cegelec.gif   Infrastructures
red_cegelec.gif   Services